Cosmik Lady

Cosmik lady


Remebering a beautiful & simple soul

…her house still stands, taking the windblows and the rays of the piercing sun.

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Art auction for Haiti

Holo di Kokolishi 2

This painting  was auctioned for the victims of the earthtquake in Haiti, title; Holo di Kokolishi 2.



Theater 2

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From my Schizophrenia series; Theater 2




This is one of my paintings from my Childhood series with the theme “The Pink Room” titled ‘Siesta?!’

Growing up I shared the room seen in the painting with my sister. Potrayed here is a moment in time I remember so vividly; Dad always made us take an afternoon nap, I thought that was a waste of my time,  wanting to play, run, draw etc. I always waited untill everyone in the house fell asleep and sneaked out to play with all the interesting creatures in my little Universe; butterflies, lizards, beetles, lady-birds, ants etc.

private property.


Another one of my paintings from my Childhood series with the theme “The Pink Room”, titled 'Choclate'

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Growing up I shared the room seen in the painting with my sister, the Labrador named Choclate was a very special dog he's in dog heaven now.

This painting is allready adopted by the AIB Bank



The majestic kapok tree, Curaçao

Hoffi Pastoor
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This tree is situated at the Hofi Pastor, a park in Curacao where the Caiquetios indians lived in the 13th century. The park has a fairytale like atmosphere with its old mango trees and this impressive old gigantic Kapok tree which is around 800 years old.

Picture taken by John Sinteur



Deja Vu

Deja Vu? what lifetime?

I did not take this picture but coming across it on the internet was such a recognition…I've seen sky's like this before…in my childhood…? or perhaps in another lifetime….

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Rembrandt meets the Caribbean

Evert and I

Title: Rembrandt meets the Caribbean

Life action paintings (2 in 1) done by Evert Robles and myself, commemorating 500 yrs of Rembrandt in Leiden the Netherlands, the result of being inspired by the dutch master and both of us having a tropical backround…

paintings available, if intrested? feel free to contact.




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Title: Signs 216 by 528 cm
Roomscreen Acryl on canvas

screen inspired by different moods I was in; strange spring/summer of 2006, transformations, growth, Tweety appearing into my life and the way he forced himself on the screen, literally posing for me! this is a parakeet I found on the street in Rotterdam on a cold and windy day, he probably flew out of a window by mistake and got lost, I took him in and he is as free as can be at my place, no caging, I can leave the windows open and Tweety stays in, bet he knows why…

Tweety is the symbol of my tropical freedom

Private property.