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De taal die het oog spreekt

“Het lukt Vanessa Paulina om van de kijker een kunstenaar en van de kunstenaar een kijker te maken. Het innerlijke kind in haar, met het speelse karakter, speelt hierbij een grote rol. Met haar sprankelende persoonlijkheid legt zij zonder schroom de verantwoordelijkheid van wat gezien wordt bij de kijker, die hierdoor zelf kunstenaar wordt. ”

Lees het artikel ”De taal die het oog spreekt’ expo Vanessa Paulina’, uit het Antilliaans Dagblad, 3 juli 2010, gechreven door Christel Cosijn en Richelle van den Dungen Gronovius.

Opening expo
Opening expo ‘The language of the eye’ 2010


Solo expo ‘The language of the eye’

You are hereby invited for the opening reception of THE LANGUAGE OF THE EYE, an exhibition by Vanessa Paulina, at the Westin Aruba Art Gallery on saturday June 26 2010 at 8PM.  

Looking out (painting on canvas bij Vanessa Paulina 2010)


Vanessa Paulina captures in her artwork faces of her culture. Painting various moments in time; a Caribbean culture which she grew up in and to which she has always been drawn. Title exhibition: The language of the eye.

An art piece painted by the Artiste; through her eyes she has managed to visualize and translate her thoughts on canvas. The eye that sees what it wishes to see, the eye that captures and tells its own story.

Figures coming to life and living it the way they please, this because ‘you’, the spectator decided to see what you wish to see; you make the story. Was it an air of melancholy that has taken over?
You see.

THE LANGUAGE OF THE EYE will be on display at the Westin Aruba Art Gallery from june 26 through august 26.


Art auction for Haiti

Holo di Kokolishi 2

This painting  was auctioned for the victims of the earthtquake in Haiti, title; Holo di Kokolishi 2.




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her picture and story can also be seen in the latest childrens book published in Holland; “kind aan de ketting” (child in chains)


Artist Vanessa Paulina participates in auction for Ronald McDonald House in The Hague

The Hague October 2007—Aruban artist Vanessa Paulina is known internationally for her colorful paintings often inspired by the spirit of the Caribbean. Now living and working in Holland, Vanessa shares her free-spirited and fresh style with fans all over the world. Recently, Vanessa was thrilled to participate in a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in The Hague, were a total of € 50.000 was raised through a golf tournament and art auction.
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Vanessa often chooses children as the subject of her paintings, skillfully capturing the genuine innocence and spirit of youth. Participating in this charity event was close to Vanessa's heart, as the Ronald McDonald House opens its doors for the parents of patients of the Juliana Children's Hospital, offering them a place to sleep and comfort in the midst of difficult times. The Ronald McDonald House is run by volunteers and depends on sponsors and donations.

The painting that was donated by Vanessa Paulina was entitled “Enchanting,” and Vanessa was thrilled that it was sold and raised a sum of € 2.000,-.

In addition to painting, Vanessa is also a professional fashion designer and illustrator. She was raised in Aruba, and has lived on all three ABC Islands. She studied Fashion and Art in the Netherlands. You can check out Vanessa's works of art and learn more about her by visiting



Artist Vanessa Paulina forges cultural ties between the ABC and Cape Verde Islands

During a recent visit Arubian / Caribbean artist Vanessa Paulina met with Cape Verdian cultural attache Mr. Manuel da Veiga. She endowed the artwork ‘Indigo kids’, cementing cultural ties between the ABC islands and Cape Verde.

Aruban artist/painter Vanessa Paulina visited the Cape Verde Island of Santiago di Praia during the months of May and June last. She was there in company of the reggae band “Delidel Touch” that was invited from the Netherlands to perform at the international festival of “Gamboa”, an annual 3-day music festival celebrating the anniversary of the city of “Praia” (literally “Beach”), held for the 6th time. There was a caravan of musicians present from all parts of the world, such as Brazil, the U.S.A., Portugal, Angola, Guinea Bissau, and many others.

Vanessa Paulina made use of the opportunity to donate a painting to the Minister of Culture Mr. Manuel da Veiga, who is also a writer, linguist and colleague of our Caribbean pride and Paulina's source of inspiration Prof. Frank Martinus Arion, writer and linguist who lives on the island of Curacao. These two men have met each other on several occasions to compare the Cape Verde Creole language with the ABC-islands' Papiamento, the latter of which derives for a greater part from the first.

As an artist, Vanessa Paulina is intrigued and captivated by the culture, history and ancestry that Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao have in common with Cape Verde. The ABC-islands are the only islands in the Caribbean where they speak a similar language, resulting from slavery. The similarities are enormous and can be found in architecture, gastronomy, features, and culture such as carnival, burning of the momo, dande, simadan, dera gai, music and instruments, etc.

Cape Verde
This was the 6th time that Paulina visited the Cape Verde Islands. Cape Verde consists of 10 islands situated on the West coast of Africa. Besides the largest island and capital Santiago di Praia there are Santo Antão, São Vicente, Santa Lucia, São Nicolão, Ilha do Sal, Boa Vista, Maio and Brava i Fogo.

On the pictures you can see Vanessa Paulina with the Minister of Culture Mr. Manuel da Veiga taken at the Palacio di Cultura Ildo Lobo. The picture hanging on the wall is from the president of Cape Verde Mr. Pedro Pires .

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The painting donated by Paulina is one of her Childhood series, the 1st one of the theme “Amistad” (friendship) with the title “Indigo kids”. On the canvas there are 2 children embracing each other; a Rejoining/Reencounter. The children stand symbol for the islands: an Antillean girl and the Cape Verde boy, who is holding a typical woven Cape Verde cloth called “Pano di terra”.

Vanessa Paulina is proud to be part of all the ABC islands. Since she has lived on each one of them, it is easy for her to recognize the similarities between the islands, despite the fact that the Cape Verde islands appear to have stood still in time for the last forty years, whereas the ABC islands have developed into modern countries. Similar are for instance the salt ponds in both Ilha do Sal and Bonaire, the cosmopolitan atmosphere in both São Vicente and Aruba, and also the way in which they celebrate carnival, Boa Vista and Ilha do Sal have similar white beaches and blue waters to those in Aruba, and Santiago more resembles Curacao. Also the dialect spoken there is better comprehended by the people of the ABC islands.

Paulina's curiosity for the Cape Verde islands was first inspired by her Cape Verdean partner whom she met in Rotterdam, and the discovery that they spoke practically the same language. Furthermore, Paulina's hometown Rotterdam has the largest Cape Verde community in the Netherlands. And the thesis written by prof. Frank Martinus Arion “Kiss of a Slave” was a source of inspiration for her work.

Vanessa Paulina has a degree in fashion and illustrating. She studied at the Windroos Fashion Institute in Rotterdam, the Fashion Academy in Eindhoven, the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and the Institute of Education in Leiden, and she took classes in Caribbean Studies at the University of Leiden, all in the Netherlands. Nowadays she uses the brush more and has proven to have mastered her skills as an autodidact painter.

You can admire her work at



Artist Vanessa Paulina forges cultural ties between the ABC and Cape Verde Islands

Download pictures for publication
Click for hi-res versions:

Minsiter 1 hi-res
Mr. Manuel da Veiga and Vanessa Paulina
Minister 3 hi-res
Mr. Manuel da Veiga and Vanessa Paulina
Vanessa in Sao Vicente hi-res
Vanessa Paulina in Sao Vicente
Indigo kids hi-res
Painting Indigo Kids
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IS Internationale Samenwerking (International Co-operation)

Crosscultural Cariffiti Artworks like The kiss of Death a conjunction between the Arubian artist Vanessa Paulina with graffiti artists, will be auctioned the 1st of december at; de Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam it is now at display at  lifestylestore MixtBaby Rotterdam …


Art as a weapon against Aids

Amigoe. NL (Independant weekly newspaper from the Dutch Antilles and Aruba for the Netherlands) 20 october 2005

interview  with Caribbean artists Vanessa Paulina and Ras Elijah…

Using their traditionalstyle in combination with modern streetwise grafitti these artist created 2 huge paintings, to be auctioned the 1st of december at Centrum voor Beeldende kunst Rotterdam, the upbringing will go to the Parelhuis in Surinam to help on a project for HIV/ Aids infected children….

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