The Madiki Kavel Mural


This mural was made for the uplifting of the neighborhood of Madiki Kavel, we wish the people of Madiki and whole of Aruba Unity, Strength, Peace and Love.

Thanks to ARA Pancakegallery and FCCA for making this possible, and of course to the ones who painted it and made it visual; Arlette, Judeska, Zudjeska, Marishanti, Nicole, Jaycie, Jennifer, Elise, Karin, Claudia, Joshua, Shaquir, Alex, Zoe, Elijaah. best antivirus software for mac

And the eachers; Amy Sherald and Vanessa Paulina.



Amy and I…

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Making the love Connection in Madiki Kavel at the mural reveling where we taught 15 students a Street Art discipline.


Art Rules Aruba 2011 Team

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De taal die het oog spreekt

“Het lukt Vanessa Paulina om van de kijker een kunstenaar en van de kunstenaar een kijker te maken. Het innerlijke kind in haar, met het speelse karakter, speelt hierbij een grote rol. Met haar sprankelende persoonlijkheid legt zij zonder schroom de verantwoordelijkheid van wat gezien wordt bij de kijker, die hierdoor zelf kunstenaar wordt. ”

Lees het artikel ”De taal die het oog spreekt’ expo Vanessa Paulina’, uit het Antilliaans Dagblad, 3 juli 2010, gechreven door Christel Cosijn en Richelle van den Dungen Gronovius.

Opening expo
Opening expo ‘The language of the eye’ 2010


Spirituele schilderingen verspreidt door de stad….

Vanessa Paulina en Eduard von Lindheim sieren sinds enige tijd bouwputten / caravans met hun prachtige schilderingen. Op dit moment op meerdere locaties in Rotterdam te zien.
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Construction cabins covered in art


This cabin is one of the 2 cabins made with the idea to embellish the streets in Rotterdam, make them more pleasant so people feel much safer, and last but not least to stop graffitysprayers and taggers from destroying these cabins, it is proven that they have more respect for other artist work then a white casino bonus online
This cabin was made by Eduard von Lindheim and I the cabins are now pilots of which we hope they will be many more to come…..



Artist against Aids video

The artworks with the theme AIDS were auctioned at the Centrum van Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam and the proceedings went to ‘Het Parelhuis’, a Surinamese orphanage voor children infected with AIDS.

Videofragment courtesy of Eduard von Lindheim


Canvassing the Body and Soul of the Caribbean

By Tina Escobedo

Magazine excerpt of Island Temptations

Artist Vanessa Paulina documents the soul of her Caribbean memories through art.

“No serene landscapes for this island girl with Rasta tresses and hand-painted jeans. It’s the soul illuminating from her human subject that Paulina tries to capture.“

“And just who is Vanessa Paulina and what made her who she is? She grew up in an era before the tourism boom made its way through the Caribbean to Aruba. Packs of roaming donkeys and children playing barefoot games of catch the chicken were the norm. It was a time on the island that lacked prosperity but revealed a close-knit community comprised of intimate fishing villages and blue-collar towns. This was a place where neighborhood barber shops bustled on Saturday afternoons, and no one bothered to lock their doors. Sundays were a family day. The artist fondly remembers when her policeman dad and homemaker mom would take her and her two brothers and two sisters to the beach. Many other days were reserved just for her and her sister Shanella and hours of playing dress-up and with their Barbie dolls.�?

“Paulina was not born with a silver spoon, but instead took to a crayon, pencil, piece of charcoal, or whatever she could use as an instrument of expression. Paulina has had a passion for art for as long as she can remember. “I just could not stop drawing when I was a kid. It was something I could do by my self—my great escape into my own world. I remember staying up in my bed and drawing all night long, almost to the point of exhaustion.�?

“And so the obsession continued. Off to Holland when she was a teenager, Paulina received an art degree from The Willem De Koning Academy of Art in Rotterdam.”

“Her artistic flair also helped pay the bills. Finding more instant monetary gratification in fashion than with painting, she has worked as a freelance stylist for magazines and television in Holland. She has even designed her own clothes for small boutiques there. “I guess all those hours playing dress-up with my sister primed me for this part of my career.�?

“Although Paulina spends most of her time in Europe, of late she has been on a spiritual journey of sorts. She is rediscovering her roots and childhood memories. Many of her paintings are reflective of her Indian-African heritage and life as she remembers it in a pre-tourism Caribbean. It’s a free-spirited life she wants to capture and share.�?

Want to read the whole article? Visit the Island Temptations website.