poem By  Drs.Crisèn Shorea

Vanessa’s Rhythm

First thing that catches the eye,
are the golden pipes on top of her head,
an organized chaos worthy of attention,
strategically arranged,
to protect the artist in action.

In her creations,
a twister of colors,
brought on with the stroke of a brush,
guided by the perfectionist within her,
never satisfied with the masterpiece just created,
leaving you out of breath for a second,
sucking  you in, only for you to realize,
it’s been hanging in front of  you all the time.

Antillean prodigy child,
with an uncontainable joy for life,
that touches all who surrounds her
the domino effect…

By nature  possessed by this creative restlessness,
which makes her eyes sparkle like those of a child,
who just masterminded her next big prank.

Born with the sign of Fire
in search of her Mother land,
who rocked her to sleep,
still longing for her,
and refusing to let her go.

She paints by the rhythm of her soul:
vulnerable, exposed, forceful, intense, passionately,
inspired, without limitations, connected, intuitively.
She paints Tambú.


Poem In Papiamento by: Drs Crisèn Schorea:

E Ritmo di Vanessa

Promé kos ku ta kue bo wowo
ta e tubunan di oro riba su kabes,
organisá den un káos digno di atenshon,
stratégikamente ordená,
pa no stroba e artista den akshon

Den su kreashonnan,
warwarú di koló,
guiá pa pènsel perfekshonista,
nunka satisfecho ku e obra maestra,
ku pa un sekònde ta ponebu pèrdè rosea,
trèk bo hinka bo den dje,
pa despues zonzá bo realisá,
ku tur e ora,
bo dilanti e la keda kologá

Yu di Antia prodigioso,
ku set di bida insasiabel,
ku ta pega na tur ku ta rondon’é;
Efekto di dominó,

Di naturalesa poseedó di un inkietut
ku ta pone su wowonan bria,
manera mucha mala mucha,
ku a  kaba di inventá su siguiente ‘bon plan’.

Signo di kandela
en buska di e suela
ku a yay’é,
a keda anhel’é,
i no ke pèrd’é.

E ta pinta riba e ritmo di su alma:
Sunú, ku forsa, intenso, pashoná, den trans, inspirá, sin barera, konektá, segun intuishon…
E ta pinta tambú.


“I fell in love with Vanessa Paulina’s work after reading an article about her. When we met, my feelings were confirmed. Both painter and paintings are head turners: beautiful, lively and strong. On opening night at the SinFa expo I rushed to claim “Mucha Santo”. Being able to look at that child every day makes me very happy.”
Annemiek van Vliet
Communications, Translation and Photography

“GHILDHOOD – Grown-ups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them.”
Alex Da Silva

“Those little girls and boys have been swimming in my small brain since I have seen them. The conciousness, it makes me realize about beauty in my heritage and the beauty in little women, kids, what love can actually create, and equally how fragile life’ s happiness is. Those kids show the great strenght in the black Diaspora and how we all share the common bond of our heritage, our cultures, regardless of how different our cultures are. The similarity is absolutely visual… and mostly how throughout time, history, space…we have remained the same…. Black & Beautiful.”
Karl Welch
Organisator of Soulbeach, Aruba/USA
On the My childhood series

“Vanessa Paulina, whose orange/brown hued painting of a crouching child, was requested by many. It was sold on opening night. As one visitor explained Paulina’s painting: It’s so beautiful, you’d expect the child to get up any moment and walk towards you”.
Margaret Wever
Journalist of Aruba newspaper The News
On the painting “Mucha Santo”, Sinfa Aruba expo 2002

“I just can’t stop staring at them: there is something about the moment captured in that painting that just draws me into it.”
Ann Brown
Director of operations Tierra del Sol Golf resort Aruba
On the painting “Past & Present” in the clubhouse art exhibit

“She’s every Aruban /Antillean woman. A new voice of Dutch Caribbean womanist art, demure and vibrant. Her work is a true reflection of a beautiful life, a quieter time. Yet it speaks to the trappings and shortcomings of that life, as a woman. Within the same frame you also see the aspirations and desires of a woman. I know her work, she is my grand-mother, aunt, sister, cousin. She is my friend.”
Richard Brooks
SinfAruba Art Gallery

“The painting which really attracted my attention, and which is my favorite is “Mucha Santo” by artist Vanessa Paulina. It was the most remarked on, and was sold on opening night!”
Juby Naar
Diario Aruba newspaper journalist
On painting “Mucha Santo” (Sand- or holy-child) SinfA expo 2002

” Dear beloved Iyawata Vanessa Paulina!

Well what should I say … your works made me wordless!

WOW … IHI`m overwhelmed! Your works a very great … more than enuff raspect for that! Keep up doing JAH works … for redemption is near, no fear.

It would be great, if we could hold contact in the future … for in the time we are living in JAH children have to Inity, seen?”


writer of  Itations of Jamaica and I