Enthoustiatic Cariffiti’s 1st Exhibition

Antenne Rotterdam 14 september 2005

The Caribbean artist’s Vanessa Paulina, Andre Frederici and Ras Elijah participated in a crosscultural art experiment project, they worked together in conjunction with graffiti-artists for 2 months on 3 huge paintings, with the theme HIV/Aids. The paintings will be exhibited for 3 months at various locations and will be auctioned on the 1st of december at de Centrum van Beeldende kunst in Rotterdam. The upbringing will go to a project for the treatment of children infected with HIV in Surinam.


Cariffiti-parels voor het Parelhuis

Rotterdams Dagblad 31 augustus 2005

Cariffiti parels voor het Parelhuis (Cariffiti pearls for the Pearlhouse)

Interview with Cariffiti organisation that inconjunction with artist-painters; Vanessa Paulina, Ras Elijah, Andre Frederici and graffiti-artists; Reinier, Onno, Aniel, Bas & Reno made 3 huge paintings to be auctioned on the 1st of december WorlAids day so they can collect money for orphanage with aids infected children in Surinam “het Parelhuis”….

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